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Examination, testing and measurement procedures carried out in our quality control mechanical laboratory starts with the conformity and curvature controls of the semi-finished wire products obtained in our wire drawing production process. 

Wires and wire products selected under rigorous control are turned into a final product. However they are once more subjected to a series of mechanical and dimensional controlling procedures. 

The examination, testing and measurement procedures we carry out on our products are summarized as follows; 

 * Unit weight controls, 

*Measurement of yield and tensile strength values, 

*Wire measurements (thickness, ends), 

*% strain measurements, 

*Rod cross-section surface controls, 

*Ovality controls (for flat products).

 *Centre resistance (Impact Test)

 *Hardness Measurements

 *Upset Test (For bolting (Coldheading) for quality)

 *Cycling Test (Deformation Test)

All examination, testing and measurement procedures carried out related to our products are evaluated by conducting a statistical quality control. 

Our testing and measurement devices; 

Constriction % and strain % measurements are carried out depending on request. 

- Ovality and tolerance checks with roll diameter (for flat products)

 -Electronic precision weight measurement device, 

-Electronic type and vernier type calipers, 


-Angle measuring devices, 

-Steel ruler and tape measures

All examination, testing, and measurement devices used in our mechanics laboratory has a calibration certificate; calibration procedures are carried out periodically by External Calibration Laboratories with national and international qualifications. © 2019 - Allrights rezerved.