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Güneş Tel çekme ve transmisyon sanayii ve ticaret kollektif Şirketi (Gunes wire drawing and transmission co.) was founded by Vejdi Özcan in Istanbul  in 1976. Few years later, in 1983, it started to provide service in industry as Güneş Tel çekme ve transmisyon sanayii ve ticaret limited together with the family members. 

The first manufacturing plant of GUNES WIRE  was in Sarı Dökümcüler industrial site. In 1984, a manufacturing plant was founded in Bayrampaşa on a 3.500 m2 feet area. However, by diversifying the product range, it became the leading company of Turkey regarding CNC wire bending and forming and semi-finished products. In July 2004, second plant with a similar surface, was put into service in the İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone. 

Since 2000, the second generation has taken charge in the companies and has been positioned at the administrative levels by coming up through the ranks in the subsequent years. In order to increase the product range and capacity it moved the manufacturing plants to an area of 30.000 m2 established in Arnavutköy,Hadımköy in 2012. © 2019 - Allrights rezerved.