Environmental Policy

GÜNE┼? TEL Çekme ve Transmisyon San. ve Tic. Ltd. ┼?ti. which provides service on low, mild and high carbon wires, cold-drawn bright wires, spring steel wires, oily bale wires, coppered, galvanised, phosphated wires, black and bright annealed binding wires, cut to length wire bars, sanded and polished rod wires, annealed screw wires, nut wires, bolt wires, rivet wires, wire accessories, 3- and  2-dimension cnc bended and shaped wires, stainless bended wires, galvanised bended wires, semi-finished wire products, spot welded wire meshes, decorative wire fences and  panels, threaded rods, whitworth rods,  u bolts , sheet profiles,flat wire, half-rounded profiles, square profiles, hexagonal profiles and other special profiles.

Our aim is to minimize negative effects on the environment in conformity with the legal legislation. We intend to reduce solid, liquid and gaseous wastes occurring during our activities and implement reusing and recycling.
Our vision is to provide continuous development by using energy and raw materials with appropriate technologies in order to protect natural resources. This is an indispensable part of our business. 
Our mission is to fulfill our goals without giving harm to nature and environment in harmony with the institutions and organizations we work with. 
Each department is in charge of taking and applying necessary actions regarding their own operations. 
Our environmental awareness will be increased by providing necessary training to our staff and contributions will be provided for our interactions with the environment by cooperating with national and local official institutions, other industrial institutions and suppliers. 
Environment is a family matter.


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