After the Zinc coating on the surface roughness remaining invisible to resolve and improve the corrosion resistance of the coating material coating imparted to give a better view of the type of passivation.

GALVANIZED COATING Chrome 3 - Blue (Cr +3)
Trivalent blue passivation, harmless waste, high thermal resistivity, high corrosion resistance than hexavalent blue pasivasyona and in compliance with standard DIN 50 021 SS after the very avantal─▒ zinc passivation product.

GALVANIZED COATING Chrome 3 - Yellow (Cr +3)
Trivalent yellow (JanJan) pasivasyonlara higher than hexavalent passivation ensures corrosion resistance as well as high thermal resistance, do not harm the environment and human health, waste water parameters and compliance with DIN 50 021 SS standard, the preferred type of passivation.

After the Zinc coating uyglanan yellow passivation, high corrosion resistance, nice appearance and price / performance advantage over a lot of the requested type of passivation.

Black passivation of zinc coating on iron and steel materials, the application of siyahland─▒r─▒lmas─▒yla needs in terms of both appearance and the highest level of corrosion resistance is a type of passivation can respond.


Copper-coated Wires immersed into a solution of brilliant method of copper wires produced. Copper surface ratio of about 0.2 microns. The purpose of delaying corrosion of copper coating, surface coating more appropriate to prepare the environment by increasing the quality and to increase the conductivity of spot welding applications. Most widely used in the production of white goods industry for the purpose of the condenser.

Phosphating process, in general, are as follows;

Degreasing and cleaning

2. Passing making and receiving scales


4. Phosphating

5. Last transaction (passivation or neutralization)

To prevent the chemical transport of each processing bath is located in rinsing baths. Without rinsing, the transaction structure that is different chemical contents baths, bath life will be shortened. Ranking process can be extended or shortened according to the conditions. For example, if the surface of the metal rust acid rust removal is not necessary. On the other hand, some steps or combined, phosphated and degreasing process can be applied in the same bath.

Phosphating systems in many industrially important ones are as follows: zinc phosphate, iron phosphate and manganese phosphate. These types of phosphating iron and steel surfaces generally, to a lesser extent zinc-coated (galvanized) surfaces. If fosfatlanmas─▒ some special phosphating chemicals, aluminum and magnesium are needed.

To be able to connect securely to the surface coatings, completely coating the metal surface oil, rust, scales, and other contaminants must be completely purified.

Phosphating previous cleaning process, such as activation of phosphate pre-treatment greatly affects the coating thickness and the size of the crystal. This condition is sometimes mechanical, sometimes chemicals can be effective either way sometimes. Alkaline degreasing, solvent degreasing and pickling fosfatlamaya such as chemical pretreatment has a great effect. High alkaline degreasing chemicals used per unit area of zinc phosphate, iron phosphate and manganese phosphate coating weights is more. Solvent Degreasing and phosphating is used is less than the weight of coating, processing times will be longer.

The vast majority of species are suitable for steel, phosphating. All of the steel used in the automotive industry fosfatlanabilir. Exposed to all kinds of parts, especially deep-drawing process, phosphating, then painted and corrosion resistance are tested.

Electro-galvanized, hot dipped galvanized or coated with copper and titanium-containing zinc phosphate coatings.

Phosphate coatings dark black color varies from light gray color. Galvanized surfaces than zinc phosphate coatings are much lighter than steel yüzeylerdekine. Fe +2 concentration of the steel used in the bathroom fosfatlanmas─▒nda more present, skin color is darker. Manganese phosphating coatings are obtained with the darkest blackish.




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