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GUNES WIRE , continuously renewing its products with new researches and technologies, has become a leading company in production as well. 
GUNES WIRE  occupies an important place in its sector by producing steel wire in coils and in bars in length ranging from 20 mm to 4500 mm and in diameters between 1.50 and 24.00 mm as bright, super bright, washed, electro galvanized, coopered, phosphated, annealed wires. Additionally, we can produce various special profiles in vulnerable tolerances and sections and measures with wire grinding and Turkish-style methods. 
In order to provide quick response to your demands and orders, all our products we offer for sale in Turkey and all over the world are in conformity with the quality and standards. 
GUNES WIRE  continues its activities in the wire sector with its technology-based production concept, qualified employees and equipment. 

Low carbon steel wire

A wide range of options – from wire rod treatment to final surface coating - we draw iron wires (carbon content – max. 0.15 %) with the following specifications:

  • From mechanical or chemical descaled rod, acid pickling , mechanical descaling, shot blasting 
  • Coated or uncoated 
  • Size:  1.50 mm – 24.00 mm
  • Final annealed or drawn with a tensile strength between 300 N/mm² and 1400 N/mm² depending on diameter and  steel grade
  • The final surface finishing to meet our needs:
    • bright finish (1.50 mm – 24.00 mm) 
    • phosphate coated (1.50 mm – 24.00 mm)
    • annealed and phospahted (2.00- 14.00 mm) 
    • copper coated (1.50 mm – 7.00 mm)
    • electro-galvanized (2.70 - 10.00 mm)
  • On wooden spools, Small coils, baskets, , Rosette coils, , Z2-Z3 spools or spooled coils

High carbon steel wire

A wide range of options  – In GUNES WIRE, steel wire is made with a maximum carbon content of 0.80%. Drawn from wire rod with the following properties:

  • Chemically descaled
  • Coated prior to drawing according to your needs and technical possibilities
  • Size range:  2.00 mm – 14.00 mm
  • Tensile strength according to EN 10270-1, class SL, partially SM or according to your needs depending on diameter and steel grad      
  • The final surface finishing to meet your needs:
    • phosphated
    • bright finish
    • copper coated
    • electro- galvanized (min. 3µ(21gr/m²- max.  12µ(85gr/m²)
  • On metal or wooden spools (up to max. 2.5 mm), in rings or coils

GUNES WIRE machine park allows for performing the drawing process with following parameters:


Entry diameter of wire rod: 5.50 ÷ 26.0 mm

Exit diameter of wire: 1.50 ÷ 24.0 mm

The service is performed in accordance with following schemes:

Symbols acc. to PN EN – 10263

Symbols acc. to DIN 1654


Operation name

+U+C     K            Cold-drawing

+U+C+AC+LC     K + GKZ + K         Cold drawing, spheroidising annealing and finishing cold drawing

+U+AC+LC          GKZ + K Spheroidising annealing and finishing cold drawing

+U+A+C              G + K     Recrystallising annealing and cold drawing © 2019 - Allrights rezerved.