3D and 2D Bended and Formed Wires

MATERIAL   Low carbon and high carbon steel wires, stainless steel wires
QUALITY   Bright according to DIN EN 10016, 10216, 10217, 17223, 10025, 10263-2, 10263-3, 10263-4
SHAPING   According to the customer's technical drawings
WIRE DIAMETER  Ø 2.00 mm to 13.00 mm
PACKING   Pending on the bended products measurements and dimensions
TENSILE STRENGHT   As per client's requirements 
IMPLEMANTATIONS ON BENDED WIRES   Chamfering, thread cutting, welding format, pneumatic butt welding
SUITABLE FOR   Customers who have not CNC bending techonology
APPLICATIONS   For various purposes including

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