Black Annealed Steel Wire

GUNES WIRE is one of the leading companies in production of annealed phosphate coils used in screw and bolt manufacturing industry as well as low carbon annealed tie wire and intermediate annealed phosphate coils having various application areas ranging

MATERIAL   Low carbon annealed steel wires
RAW MATERIAL STANDARDS   TS 2348 EN 10016 (SAE 1006, SAE 1008, SAE 1010, SAE 1018)
QUALITY   Annealed, phosphated, bathed according to DIN EN 10016, 10216, 10217, 17223, 10025, 10263-2, 10263-3, 10263-4
ANNEALING    Black annealed or if requested bright annealed using N2 wiping system
ANNEALING PROCESS   Under closed and controlled atmosphere with the technologies of vacuum annealed furnaced- capacity: 60 tones /month
WIRE DIAMETER  Ø 1.50 mm to 14.00 mm
COIL WEIGHT    20 kg to 1000 kg
TENSILE STRENGHT   28 kg/mm2 to 40 kg/mm2
PACKAGING   Vertical/Horizontal coils or big bag
APPLICATIONS   As tie wire, construction, christmas tree, net and dundling, binding, bailing, re-drawing, flatting, heat treatment sector…etc.

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