Copper Coated Wire

Low carbon copper plated wires preferred in manufacturing of bound wires, staples, paper clips in packaging and printing industries as well as bailing wires in agriculture industry are also produced.

MATERIAL   Low carbon steel wires chemically copper coated
RAW MATERIAL STANDARTS   TS 2348 EN 10016 (SAE 1006, SAE 1008, SAE 1010, SAE 1018, SG 1, SG 2)
QUALITY   According to DIN EN 10016, 10216, 10217
WIRE DIAMETER  Ø 1.50 mm to 8.00 mm
COIL WEIGHT    20 kg to 300 kg
TENSILE STRENGHT N/mm2 As per client's requirements

Staple wires, paper pins and clips, binding wires, packing and printing industries (stitching wires)…etc.

COATING WEIGHT gr/m2 TS EN 10244-6
PACKAGING   In coils or with cardboard core


Other Applications:

  • production of paint hangers and various types of powder coat paint hooks

  • production of bent and welded wire elements for furniture, store building and household equipment

  • production of window blinds details

  • production of wire baskets for welding wires



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