MATERIAL   Low carbon and high carbon steel wires, stainless steel wires
QUALITY    Bright, annealed according to DIN EN 10016, 10216, 10217, 17223, 10025, 10263-2, 10263-3, 10263-4
WIRE DIAMETER  Ø 4.00 mm to 8.00 mm
LENGHT RANGE   100 mm- 3000 mm 
TOLERANCES   The strenght and widht tolerance depends on the desired dimension and the corner format, specification at customer's options or by agreement
CORNERS   Naturally rolled corners, rounded corners, according to drawing sharp corners, specification of the corner radius
TENSILE STRENGHT   Depending on material the delivery is possible in different strenght ranges
SURFACE   Depending on the material the following surfaces are available: Bright, coated, phosphated, zinc coated, galvanized…
PACKING   The delivery format can be chosen between "coils" and "cut lenght bars"
PACKING WEIGHT    25 kg to 1000 kg
APPLICATIONS   Accessories for lighting products, households articles, otomotive industry…etc.