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Solar Wire, 1.50-24.00 mm high and low carbon cold drawn wire, bright cold drawn wire, spring steel wire, copper coated, electro galvanized, phosphate coated wire, black and bright annealed bonding wire,

Straightened and cut rod wire, grinded and polished rod wire, 3 and 2 dimensional cnc wire bending and forming, wire grating, spot welded wire mesh, exploratory screw wire, stud, gijon, u bolt, lama production of profiles and other special profiles

who fulfills the requirements of Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety to become an organization and to increase our awareness in the sector, Increasing the awareness of our employees about Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety by giving importance to education and communication,

so that we can continuously improve the quality of the products and services we provide to our customers.

Meet the expectations of our customers. Producing products / services in accordance with international legislation and standards and timely deliver.

Respecting the principle of equality, open, transparent and

to be a trusting, scientific and creative institution.

Occupational Health and Safety, Quality and Environment system by applying the standards and continuous improvement, convenient

ensure the implementation of a structure.

We keep our performance under control by controlling the environmental impacts and Occupational Safety risks.

To improve,

By applying quality, environmental and occupational health and safety system standards, ensure continuous improvement,

Our quality policy is to ensure compliance obligations are fulfilled.


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