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Our quality policy is to set up a "Quality Management System" which is created with voluntary and conscious participation of all our employees and aims excellence for customer satisfaction by offering the highest-level of added values with our products and services in the direction of our vision and mission, and to provide continuity and constant development of this system.

The activities we carry out, depending on our quality approach, have been inspected by different national and international auditing institutions. Our production and management quality have been approved by the above mentioned institutions by means of awarding various documents and certificates.

Our company has the following quality documents:

TSE EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Document,

GUNES WIRE aims to take place among the most trusted and preferable companies of the wire sector and it arrange its management and quality policy in this direction.

Our goal is;

- To deliver our products on time with relevant costs and provide customer satisfaction by conforming to the international standards,

- To monitor all the processes of our company systematically according to the performance criteria providing and developing the continuity of our quality management system in order to set objectives and achieve them,

- To educate our employees, fundamental elements of our quality management system and involve them in our quality management system,

- To follow and apply progresses in the field of production, design and laboratory in order to maximize the efficiency of our services,

- To give priority to environmental awareness while developing our services.


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