Market Shelf

We produce many types of standard hooks, hangers and brackets for the exhibition store shelves. They can be mounted on standard perforated panels, trellises, diaphragm walls and beams. We produce aslso various types of pendants: single, double, with a handle at the label, mount a "flap" of different types of plates to attach to the beams and the wall of the slot. Advertising stands, displays, racks, baskets, racks swivel, moldings, frames, rails, stops, fork, bars, grips used for the display of specialized goods in the shops. Güneş tels’ Professional wire bending services performed on numerically controlled lines from Wafios & Numelians machines for the spatial development of the wire. We manufacture components and finished wire products for individual orders. Also we apply Coatings: Powder-coated, chrome plated.


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